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HR Interview Guide
HR Interview Guide

HR Interviews can be a source of stress and anxiety when you are looking for a job. HR interview is your chance to make a good impression on your potential employer and ultimately, get the job. Being prepared is the best way to gain employment in today’s competitive job market. Knowing relevant information about the company you are interviewing for, knowledge of the job and the industry surrounding the job can make or break an interview. All interviews are not the same and HR interviews are often times a screening process that can earn you a follow-up or selection interview within the company. If an individual passes the selection interview, he may be required to participate in a group interview for final analysis. The HR Interview Guide brings the basic principles of HR Interviews, some HR Tips and many more. Following are some tips that an individual should follow before going for an HR Interview.

 There are many types of interviews serving diverse purposes.  Knowing what to expect can help you achieve your goals.
 1. Informational Interview 
 2. Screening or Telephone Interview
 3. Individual Interview
 4. Small Group or Committee Interview
 5. The Second or On-Site Interview
 6. Behavioral-Based Interview
 7. Task Oriented or Testing Interview
 8. Stress Interview


एचआर इंटरव्यू कॆ लियॆ तैयार रहना, आज के प्रतियोगिता क्षेत्र में रोजगार पाने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका है | आप‌ जिस कंपनी मॆं इंटरव्यू दॆनॆ जा रहॆ हैं उसके बारे में पूरी जानकारी रख‌ना, आपकॆ काम सॆ संबंधित ज्ञान हॊना और कंपनी सॆ संबंधित उद्योग का ज्ञान हॊना आपकॊ एचआर इंटरव्यू मॆं काफी मदद कर सकता है | एचआर इंटरव्यू अक्सर एक तरह की स्क्रीनिंग प्रक्रिया है ,जिसॆ पार करकॆ आप इंटरव्यू कॆ अंतिम दौर मॆं जगह बना सकतॆ हैं |   


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